Brad Hilton candidate for Roy City Council

Oct 21 2009 - 7:18pm


Brad Hilton
Brad Hilton

Name: Brad Hilton

Age: 50

Occupation: Regestered Echo Tech/Davis Hospital and Medical Center

Family: Married to Joann for 26 years. Five children Hilary, Joslyn, Nick, Zack, and Spencer

Hobbies: I enjoy the outdoors doing activites as Boating, Hiking, Sking, and Fishing. Sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Tennis, I like working around the yard as well.

1. Name some of the qualifications you possess that makes you the best choice to represent your city?

Having been in and around Roy my whole life, I have seen the changes that the city has gone through. I believe that Roy is a great community. I have been involved with the evolution of Roy since I was young. Because I care about Roy, I have been involved in the community by being on the planning commission for the past 8 years, 2 as the chairman. I have been involved on many committees here in Roy City such as: The General Plan Committee, Zoning Ordinance Committee, Subdivision Committee, and the UTA Frontrunner Art Commitee. I am a Certified Planner. I am also a Certified Emergency Response Team member (CERT). I believe that with my experience on the Planning Commission and other Committees I bring unique experience and fresh ideas that will help lead Roy City into the future.


2. What political ideals and philosophies guide your decision-making process?

The ideas that guide my decision making are a reminder that I represent the citizens as well as the City of Roy. I am fiscally conservative. As a citizen I do not like to see money spent unwisely. As your councilman, I will be the same. I will make sure the budget is balanced. At the same time I will do everything in my power to attract good businesses to Roy City which will help create a tax base. I am against the raising of taxes on the citizens of Roy. I will work to build a reserve account for times of emergency.


3. What is the most important issue facing your city?

Roy City does not have much more room for growth. I believe that there are important issues facing Roy. Such as, how are we going to financially make ends meet without raising taxes? Revitalizing 1900 West is a pressing issue as businesses seem to be leaving or closing. We need to attract good stable businesses that are going to stay in Roy and help with the tax base.


4. Name some qualities that you possess that make you a good team worker and able to bring consensus among city leaders.

As I have worked throuhout my life I have worked with many different people. It has made no difference to me what their background, their ethnicity or gender. When it comes to working with others I have found that people are there because they hope to make a difference. As I work with people I have found that everyone brings a different percpective relating to the topic. This brings greater discussion and better resolution to help forward the purpose of why we are all there. I welcome differing views and I am able to give and take those view to come to a conclusion that will benefit all.


5. What do you think will be some major issues your city will face a generation from now?

I believe that a generation from now we will be faced with heavier traffic flow. This will be due to growth West of Roy as well as the expected improvements East of the freeway on HAFB. We will be challenged to make our community more pedestrian friendly, with walking and bike paths more accessable throughout the city. We will have to consider more mixed uses throughout the city so that we can make better use of the bike and walking communities. I believe it will be an exciting transformation and one that we should be planning now, so there will be a smooth transition in the future.

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