Police: Kaysville man abuses grandmother, assaults officers

Feb 16 2013 - 8:17am


Dakota Reed Criswell
Dakota Reed Criswell

KAYSVILLE -- A man who threatened to kill any police officer who tried to arrest him has been booked in jail on charges of assaulting two officers.

"He's made direct threats to kill law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers' families and to rape them," Kaysville Police Capt. Brent Ward said about Dakota Reed Criswell, 19. "He's also a known gang member and he's been a real concern to us."

Officers had been looking for Criswell, a member of the Kutthroat Norteno gang, since Jan. 22 when he made the threats after assaulting his grandmother, Ward said.

Police arrested Criswell on Thursday and booked him in the Davis County Jail on one count of assault, two counts of assault by a prisoner, two counts of disorderly conduct, two counts of impersonating an officer, two counts of abuse of an elderly adult, two counts of criminal mischief, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, one count of terroristic threat, one count of interference with an arresting officer, one count of intoxication and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

He is being held without bail. The Davis County Attorney's Office is reviewing the case before filing formal charges in 2nd District Court.

On Thursday, when officers arrived at a Kaysville home to arrest Criswell, he hit one officer in the head, splitting it open, and also hit another officer, police said. The officer with the head injury required stitches, Ward said.

A 17-year-old girl who was with Criswell got involved in the fight and was booked in Farmington Bay Juvenile Center.

The story began, Ward said, on Jan. 22, when Criswell's grandmother called to report he had broken her car window, reached through it and grabbed her by the neck because she refused to give him money. Criswell, at the time, was living in the home.

"He contacted her by phone and told her he's going to kill her because she called police," Ward said.

Police officers were at the house when Criswell called again and an officer answered the phone.

"At one point in the telephone conversation, he got agitated and told the officer he's going to kill him and that he would shoot any officer who tries to arrest him," Ward said.

Then during another call, Criswell told the officer, "I'm coming back to the house, I've got a gun and it's not going to be pretty," Ward said.

Several more phone calls were made to the home and officers answered each call, Ward said.

During one phone call, Criswell told the officer "he's looking at him through the window, through his scope on his rifle," Ward said.

Police did not find Criswell that night. There were more phone calls to police officers in which Criswell used his own cellphone and claimed to be a Syracuse police officer in an effort to get Kaysville police to stop looking for him, Ward said.

It all ended on Thursday when Criswell showed up at his grandmother's house and threatened her again if she did not give him money, Ward said.

She left the house and called police, asking them to meet her at a local business because she was too afraid to have them come to her home.

After talking to her, officers went to her home and found Criswell and the teenage girl in the basement. They also could smell marijuana, Ward said.

When the three police officers started to arrest Criswell and the girl, the fight broke out.

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