Man accused of stabbing motor home battery, chasing boy with knife

Nov 14 2012 - 9:21am



MORGAN ­-- A frustrated convicted felon is accused of stabbing his motor home battery with a 10-inch Bowie knife, choking a fellow camper and using the knife to threaten and chase a 4-year-old boy.

Andrew Owens Pentz, 30, was charged with three felonies stemming from the Oct. 17 incident: two counts of aggravated assault and one of possession of a firearm as a convicted felon. His weapon was a sawed-off shotgun, a federal offense that compounds his illegal possession of a firearm charge.

Pentz is also charged with five misdemeanors: unlawful possession of the hunting knife despite his felony record; criminal mischief; possession of drug paraphernalia; using a car for an extended period of time without permission of the owner; and intoxication to a degree that he endangered himself or others.

According to sheriff's office reports, Pentz was at Spring Hollow Campground in Enterprise with six other people when the battery of his 1984 Chevrolet motor home died. After he and another man tried to get the vehicle to start, Pentz allegedly grabbed the man in a choke hold and threatened him with the Bowie knife, then chased the man's 4-year-old son around the campground with the knife.

After that, Pentz took his helper's red 1992 Ford F150 pickup and drove away.

Deputies called to the scene later discovered the abandoned truck with its motor running and the radio playing. The truck's hood appeared to have been stabbed several times.

When deputies went to the campsite, they could see a beer-can pipe like those sometimes used to smoke marijuana, and 10 shotgun shells.

Evidence later obtained by search warrant also lists a 20-gauge sawed-off shotgun, a glass pipe with drug residue, a large bone-handled knife and two syringe caps.

The Morgan County sheriff's deputies' report indicates the other two men and three women at the campsite were together. One of the women, identified as Pentz's girlfriend, is described as a blue-eyed brunette the report says "likes to carry a dagger" in her pants' waistband. Pentz's helper and his helper's wife appeared to be intoxicated, the report states, and the child who had allegedly been chased with the knife was "very terrified" of Pentz.

Despite the earlier battery troubles, the Chevrolet motor home revived enough for Pentz to drive it several hundred yards up the canyon before he high-centered the vehicle. The report shows Pentz got out of the motor home, walked back toward the deputies and "appeared to be staggering."

Pentz refused to get on the ground until Deputy Christian Peay removed his Taser from his holster and advised Pentz he would be shocked. Even after he was on the ground, the report said, Pentz was very upset and yelling obscenities. He also had a "strong odor of alcohol coming from him," it states.

The Morgan County Sheriff's Office finally released the documents Thursday through the Morgan County Attorney's office. The names of the victims were blacked out in the report.

Pentz was booked Oct. 17 into Weber County Jail. His preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. Nov. 21 before Judge Noel Hyde in 2nd District Court in Morgan County.

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