Tuesday, June 19 Agendas

Jun 16 2012 - 10:11pm

A summary of agendas of public meetings to be held Tuesday, June 19.

Clearfield City Council

6 p.m., work session, 55 S. State St.

Adjourn work session and reconvene in a special session:

Consider approval of resolution setting certified tax rate and resolution adopting fiscal year 2012-13 budget

Fruit Heights

City Council

6 p.m., work meeting, 910 S. Mountain Road

7 p.m., regular meeting

Items from the public- The public may address the mayor regarding issues not on the agenda. Please limit your comments to three minutes.

Public hearing:

Amending FY 2011-12 general fund and enterprise fund budgets

Proposed FY 2012-13 general fund and enterprise fund budgets

New business:

Discuss/approve/deny FY 2011-12 budget amendments

Discuss/approve/deny FY 2012-13 budget

Discuss/approve/deny Bichler/Taylor (Oxford Downs) subdivision warrantee period

Discuss/approve/deny park and trails committee members

Old business:

Discuss/approve/deny title 3A administration

Department and city official reports

Closed meeting: By motion of the Fruit Heights City Council, per Utah Code, the council may vote to hold a closed meeting for any of the purposes identified in that chapter.

Kaysville City Council

6:30 p.m., 23 E. Center St.

Budget hearing, amendments to fiscal year 2012 budget and consideration of fiscal year 2013 budget


City Council

5:30 p.m., work session, 4600 S. Weber River Drive

6 p.m., regular meeting

Consider resolution regarding site-plan amendment for completion of phase 3 of Tony Divino Toyota/Scion auto dealership, 777 W. Riverdale Road

Consider ordinance amending commercial zones regarding special regulations

Consider advertising for construction bids for police department building basement project

Consider resolution adopting amendments regarding consolidated fee schedule

Consider resolution amending FY 2011-12 budget

Consider ordinance adopting amendments to human resource manual regarding salaries, expenses and justice court judge

Consider resolution adopting certified tax rate

Consider resolution adopting amendments to tentative budget for FY 2012-13

Consider resolution adopting tentative budget for FY 2012-13 as final budget as amended

Consider resolution adopting special one-time incentive consideration for FY 2011-12

Adjourn into RDA

Roy City Council

6 p.m., 5051 S. 1900 West

Consider resolution honoring Roy High School girls softball team for its 4A state championship

Ratify selection of fire chief

Public comments

Consider request for preliminary subdivision approval for Phase 5 of Olympia Park subdivision, 5950 S. 4150 West

Adjourn into RDA meeting

Motion to hold closed meeting to discuss lease, sale or purchase of real property

Ogden City Council

5:30 p.m., study session, 2549 Washington Blvd.

Review agenda items for council meeting/discuss council business

6 p.m., regular meeting, 2549 Washington Blvd.

Proposed ordinance to provide annexation to city of 15 acres contiguous to corporate limits, 3024 S. Midland Drive

Proposed ordinance to provide annexation to city of 2.334 acres contiguous to corporate limits, lots, 5,6 and 7 of Giles subdivision and 1700 West St.

Proposed ordinance amending municipal code to revise merit and non-merit services provisions

Proposed ordinance adopting salary schedules for all city employees to be effective July 1

Proposed ordinance adopting budget for city for FY July 1, 2012, to June 30, 2013, providing it take effect immediately upon its adoption/ deposit with city recorder

Public comments, three minutes per person

Closed executive session pursuant to Utah code to discuss pending or reasonably imminent litigation

Adjourn into work session


South Ogden City Council

6 p.m., Friendship Park bowery, 5500 S. 650 East

Public comments, three minutes per person

Public hearings:

Proposed amendments to FY 2011-12 budget

Proposed issuance of road bonds and potential economic impact that improvement, facility, or property will have on private sector

Consider resolution adopting employee compensation policy

Consider ordinance amending FY 2011-12 budget

Consider ordinance adopting FY 2012-13 budget

Consider resolution authorizing road bonds

Consider resolution approving agreement with landmark design for planning services

Consider resolution approving base bid plus option one for construction of Nature Park amphitheater

Discuss letter of intent for city to provide animal control services for Washington Terrace

South Weber City Council

Work meeting canceled

Sunset City Council

6:30 p.m., 200 W. 1300 North

Citizen comments

Public hearing to solicit input from Sunset city residents on amendments to FY2012 budgets and FY 2013 budget requests

Discussion and possible approval of resolution amending fiscal year 2012 budgets

Discussion and possible approval of resolution 2012-08 adopting fiscal year 2013 budgets

Discussion and possible approval of resolution 2012-09 adopting certified tax rate

Discussion and possible approval of resolution 2012-10 adopting Sunset city fee schedule

Discussion and possible approval of resolution 2012-11 adopting amendment to Sunset city personnel policies and procedures regarding an accrued sick leave pay out option

Discussion and possible approval of an amendment to the interlocal cooperation agreement between Davis County and Sunset city for animal control services

Council member reports and general information

Syracuse Planning Commission

5 p.m., work session, 1979 W. 1900 South

6 p.m., regular session

Amendments to general plan specific to District 1

Public hearing: Proposed amendment to general plan district 10 to change zoning designation of property, at 1500 W. 3700 South, from open space and A-1 agriculture to R-1 single-family residential and rezone to same

Public hearing: Fox Haven subdivision, at 2400 W. 2900 South, sketch plans

Public hearing: Proposed rezone of property, 1384 W. 1700 South, from R-3 single-family residential to professional office

Public hearing: Ninigret North 1 subdivision, 1100 W. 450 South, sketch plans

Public hearing: Wasatch Villas subdivision phases 7 and 8, 3700 W. 2700 South, final plan review

Uintah City Council

7 p.m., 2191 E. 6550 South

Public hearing to discuss renovation/new kitchen at old town hall, and funding

Closed public hearing for above-mentioned item

Public hearing to amend FY 2011-12 budget and finalize/adopt FY 2012-13 budget

Close public hearing for above-mentioned item

Discuss/approve business license for Mountain Dream Storage, 2563 E. 6550 South

Discuss/action on resolution withdrawing from Utah Risk Management Mutual Association

Discuss/action repealing and replacing ordinances regarding bridge safety, daytime loitering, public safety, crimes and offenses, and providing repealer, severability and effective date

Discuss/action on interlocal cooperation agreement for animal control services between Weber County and Uintah

Discuss/action on first addendum to interlocal agreement for development and management of Bonneville Cone Communities That Care

Discuss/action on fire department and appointment of fire chief

Discuss/action on RFP's for public safety services

Public comments, two minutes per person

Washington Terrace City Council

7 p.m., 5249 S. 400 East

Citizen comments, three minutes per person

Resolution to adopt FY 2012 amended budget, FY 2013 tentative budget, and FY 2014-17 budget plan, including amended rate and fee schedule, and set certified tax rate with no tax rate increase

Discuss Terrace Day's review

Motion to reconsider law enforcement interlocal service agreement amount adopted with resolution

Motion to approve letter of intent plus proposal with South Ogden for animal control services

Adjourn into RDA meeting

Weber County Commission

10 a.m., 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden

Approve commission resolution appointing members to Eden Park Service Area Board

Public comments, three minutes per person

West Bountiful City Council

6:30 p.m., work meeting, 550 N. 800 West

Discussion on proposed uses of RAP tax money

7:30 p.m., regular meeting

Public comment (two minutes per person) or if a spokesperson has been asked by a group to summaries their comments, five minutes will be allowed.

Consider approval of ordinance amending section 2.16.10, city officers, of West Bountiful municipal code to include subsection D.1, recorder

Consider appointment of deputy recorder

Discussion on proposed modification to historic ordinance and functions of historic commission

Consider approval of resolution amending fiscal year 2011-12 budget.

Consider approval of resolution adopting fiscal year 2012-13 budget and certified tax rate of .001951

Discussion on refunding Series 2004 Sales Tax Revenue bonds

Department reports

Mayor/council reports

Closed meeting, if necessary, for reasons allowed by state law

Possible action following closed meeting, including appointment to boards and commissions

Adjourn to RDA meeting

West Point

City Council

6 p.m., administrative session, 3200 W. 300 North

7 p.m., general session

Citizen comments - Please limit comments to a maximum of 2 1/2 minutes

Ordinance amending chapter of cemetery code

Resolution, adoption of schedule of fees for West Point city

Resolution, adopting of FY2012 property tax rate for West Point city:

Public hearing, action

Ordinance, adoption of FY2012 revised budget and FY2013 annual budget for West Point city and a compensation schedule for employees and officers of the city:

Public hearing, action

Amendment to employment agreement for city manager

Adjourn to community development meeting:

Resolution adopting FY2012 amended budget and FY2013 annual budget for city:

Public hearing, action

Closed session, property and personnel, per Utah code

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