New technology could help prevent car crashes due to inattentive drivers

Mar 27 2012 - 2:01pm

WASHINGTON -- The Association of Global Automakers participated in today's National Transportation Safety Board forum on attentive driving explaining that automakers are actively looking at new research and opportunities to help address crashes caused by driver inattention.

"When integrating the convenience features demanded by today's consumers, factors such as safety, usability and comprehension are all considered," said Michael Cammisa, Global Automakers' director of safety. "Our members take a measured approach when designing a vehicle and deciding what features to include."

Global Automakers was part of a panel discussion during the recent NTSB one-day forum where a wide variety of interested parties discussed current research, regulations, and best practices to address the challenges created by driver inattention. The Association has consistently advocated in support of restrictions on the use of hand-held electronic devices for phone calls and text messaging by drivers while operating motor vehicles.

"Safety is a top priority for automakers," said Cammisa. "We believe that the effectiveness of initiatives to address distracted driving should be based on science and data."

Global Automakers' member companies continue to research and develop the next generation of safety and driver assistance technologies, and introduce innovations such as lane-departure warning and forward collision mitigation systems.

The Association of Global Automakers represents international motor vehicle manufacturers, original equipment suppliers, and other automotive-related trade associations. For more information, visit


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