Pleasant View public works to install retaining wall

Feb 25 2012 - 11:08pm


PLEASANT VIEW -- A wall made of Ready Rock soon will rise along the side of the public works building being constructed by the Wadman Corporation.

Council members approved the purchase of Ready Rock for the wall, as well as the use of city employees to install the Ready Rock and the gravel beneath and behind the wall.

Paul Ellsworth, public works director, said installation of the wall will be no problem for city employees despite the huge size of the Ready Rock blocks. He said the city should be quick to move on the good deal it had been offered on the rock.

Each locking block weighs 2,300 pounds, said Ellsworth, who added it has a cobblestone look to it. "We could set it with the backhoe."

Councilman Michael Humphreys asked why the city was not putting the material for the wall out to bid.

"We can put it out to bid, but you're not going to touch this price," Ellsworth said.

He said the city could get around not putting the block out to bid by getting a letter of sole provider from the company selling the Ready Rock, because the company is the only one in town selling it.

He told the council members it was their option to put it out to bid instead.

Humphreys said a sole provider letter would satisfy the city ordinance on the bid issue.

"You believe we can install this? It's not a huge issue?" said Mayor Doug Clifford.

"I know we can," Ellsworth said.

Clifford said funds for the wall will come from a portion of $135,000 the city had in the reserve fund, which was over the 18 percent allowed in that fund. Another portion of it was used to purchase radar equipment for the police department.

Ellsworth said the company selling the Ready Rock is relocating and would not want to move the rock and so it dropped the price from $17 per square foot to $11 per square foot.

He said the city will be able to purchase the Ready Rock for approximately $37,000. The cost of labor by city employees as well as the cost of the gravel will be in addition to that amount.

Council members unanimously approved the purchase of the Ready Rock, and Ellsworth said he would bring the letter of sole provider to the city as soon as he receives it.

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