Davis Moonlight Bike Ride raises record amount

Dec 20 2011 - 12:00am

FARMINGTON -- A record $21,339 in proceeds from this year's moonlight bike ride will be used to make improvements to Antelope Island State Park that "enhance the visitor's experience."

Today, the Office of Davis County Community and Economic Development will request, from the county commission, the proceeds from its 2011 Antelope Island By Moonlight Bike Ride.

"We had a record year this year," Community and Economic Development Specialist Neka Roundy said of the proceeds generated from the July 15 event.

This year's proceeds are nearly $3,000 more than the $18,623 the bike ride generated in 2010, and almost $6,000 more than the $15,613 generated in 2009, Roundy said.

"We're pretty excited we can do something for the island," she said.

The funds are to be presented to Friends of Antelope Island, a nonprofit group.

In January, that group, with the input of park managers, will determine how to best use the funds, Roundy said.

Friends of Antelope Island and park managers will discuss funding possibilities in a yet-to-be-scheduled open meeting, she said.

Some past projects the group has funded with the revenues are: restoring a portion of the historic Fielding Garr Ranch, upgrading island campgrounds, installing trail signs and partnering with the state to purchase the electronic welcoming sign posted at the park entrance on the Antelope Island causeway.

"That is just a drop in the bucket," Roundy said of the projects. "Friends (of Antelope Island) are a very active group."

Friends of Antelope Island, a 16-member board, tries to find additional donors who may want to jointly participate in a project on the island, said Barry Burton, president of Friends of Antelope Island.

"All of this money goes into the park in some fashion or another. The park manager will typically provide us a list of wishes," Burton said.

"There are always improvements to be made. It is just a matter of picking which ones."

Burton said Friends of Antelope Island have been active since 1996. Since that time, the group has directly donated or facilitated the donation of $400,000 in island improvements, he said.

Some of those improvements are a result of the annual bike ride.

"I think, in reality, (people) have fun on the ride and know the proceeds go to a good cause," Roundy said. "That Antelope Island By Moonlight Bike Ride is a very popular family ride. It's a happy event."

The bike ride for next year will be held at 10 p.m. July 6.

"We have to work the ride (schedule) around the full moon," Roundy said.

The county, along with area sponsors, has hosted the noncompetitive bike ride event for 18 years.

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